On the Subject of Yellow Paint

There's a story about how Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint. Yellow was his favorite color, and he thought it would make him happy "on the inside." I think about that story a lot when I'm depressed, and I appreciate the story but not the way it's usually told. It's always treated like such … Continue reading On the Subject of Yellow Paint


Merchant of Joy – A Poem

Merchant of Joy Hollow by the river just some miles from Riggins Lee and I work to the bone to make sure everyone is happy parading in dishwasher’s gloves and big glassy bug-head masks barefoot through the tall grass and brambles never minding the cuts we play mandolin music on the radio while we make our way naked … Continue reading Merchant of Joy – A Poem

Cathedral, 1950, Dimensions Unconfirmed – A Poem

Cathedral, 1950, Dimensions Unconfirmed  after Norman Lewis Painted black before itself like the portraits you used to make before the war, before you learned quickly that the world would not grow sick of itself so easily; you had to fog the mirror to show what was really there. Looking in a blood stained glass window of a dawn that makes the night drip. See we … Continue reading Cathedral, 1950, Dimensions Unconfirmed – A Poem