Here you can find some of my work including art, poems, games and other oddities…


The Pen and Screen Store offers a variety of posters, prints, shirts, and gifts featuring my own original designs.


The current finished cards in my ongoing project to reinterpret the tarot utilizing practices of active imagination.


Directed: Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, produced by Vassar College’s Merely Players in the Spring of 2017.

The Miscellany News’s article on the production of the show may be found here.



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 Photographs Courtesy of Rachel Wallace


All the Mediocre Tidbits of Life – Featuring over a hundred entries, this volume collects every poem written by P.H. Higgins from the months of February to June in 2017 as well as a selection of illustrations from the same period. The contents range from memories, to stream-of-consciousness ramblings, to personal notes, to accounts of dreams and visions. Every entry peels back another layer of the life and mind of the author.


Fleshpot & Honeysuckle – A self-published collection of poetry and drawings. Often nonsensical, sometimes sweet, always longing.



A New Lands Primer: A brief introduction to the New Lands campaign setting. Includes a 42 page document on the history of the setting as well as some advice for character creation, and a map of the New Lands. More information about the New Lands and its design can be found in the Design Journal.

New Lands Map

The Magpie – Chapter 1: An interactive fiction. Play in a webpage using the play.html file, or play with an application (Zoom IF Reader, or Windows Frotz) with the .gblorb file. The source is included as well, for those familiar with Inform7 who wish to check for bugs. Please refrain from editing the source. The playable files can be found by going into The_Magpie, then The_Magpie -Chapter One.materials, then Release.