Fragments – April 2018

"What is there to confess that's worthwhile or useful? What has happened to us has happened to everyone or only to us; if to everyone, then it's no novelty, and if only to us, then it won't be understood. If I write what I feel, it's to reduce the fever of feeling. What I confess … Continue reading Fragments – April 2018


Some Quick Reviews Part 2: Movies

Ah the silver screen, how I love thee. Though I've seen more than just these two movies these last few months I'm going to just talk about Anomalisa and Down By Law because they interested me the most, and they were the only movies I haven't seen before. Anomalisa I'm a pretty big Charlie Kaufman … Continue reading Some Quick Reviews Part 2: Movies

Tragic Fantasy – A Filmmaker’s Manifesto

In times of hardship, conflict, and change, people will gravitate to escapism. The fantastic is sought out and produced as a cultural painkiller, offering cathartic release, hope, and feelings of agency. However, as escapism is pursued as an alternative to hardship there enters a risk of separation from reality, rejecting the responsibilities of the real … Continue reading Tragic Fantasy – A Filmmaker’s Manifesto