A Look at a Book: The Vorrh

I was drawn into The Vorrh by the voices of other artists: Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair, Jeff Vandermeer, and even the elusive Tom Waits all hailed it as wondrous, dark, and engrossing. These were voices I respected, and they drew me into the jungle with their calls. In many ways, a summary of The Vorrh … Continue reading A Look at a Book: The Vorrh


On Truth and Facts

While sitting in my dorm reading about Memetics I was struck by an idea that snowballed into a vague philosophical discussion with myself regarding the difference between "Truth" and "facts." Before I begin I will put a big, fat disclaimer here in that I am not a philosopher, or at least not a very traditional … Continue reading On Truth and Facts

RPG Design Journal #6: Within the City

Previously on this series I started designing a city with a general-to-specific methodology (starting with the big picture and letting that inform the small details). Now I'm going to start moving into some of those details by developing concepts for the specific locations within the city of St. Maluns. When building specific locations within another … Continue reading RPG Design Journal #6: Within the City