LISA: The Painful Protagonist

After playing Undertale, and after awarding it my game of the year (very prestigious, I know), I quickly went on a hunt to see if there were any new games that could possibly come close to achieving the same amount of tone, charm, and emotion as Undertale. What I kept finding was LISA: The Painful … Continue reading LISA: The Painful Protagonist


Arkham City: Building Design to Appreciate Design

Recently I started playing Arkham City (yes, I know, its been out for quite a while) and, while I enjoy the game, I've been having a hard time figuring out exactly what makes it good. The plot, though fitting for a Batman/Comic-book-inspired game, isn't particularly amazing or original. Many of the characters are well-written, drawing … Continue reading Arkham City: Building Design to Appreciate Design

Tragic Fantasy – A Filmmaker’s Manifesto

In times of hardship, conflict, and change, people will gravitate to escapism. The fantastic is sought out and produced as a cultural painkiller, offering cathartic release, hope, and feelings of agency. However, as escapism is pursued as an alternative to hardship there enters a risk of separation from reality, rejecting the responsibilities of the real … Continue reading Tragic Fantasy – A Filmmaker’s Manifesto