The Cauldron

Last year I wrote an experimental short story that I was considering submitting to a weird fiction collection for relatively unknown writers. But, as things so often do, time passed me by and I never got the story fully finished. I haven't been able to bring myself to polish it up, but I put enough effort … Continue reading The Cauldron


A Note on Adaptation

Adaptation. The process of change, of being rewritten and reformed. It seems like people are often wary of change, especially change in something that they already enjoy: people, books, houses, all sorts of things. This is especially clear in adaptations of media where a story is reworked from one medium to another. This can partially … Continue reading A Note on Adaptation

Thoughts on Hypertext

(a book wheel, from Agostina Ramelli's Le Diverse  et Artificiose Machine, 1588)  Hypertext is strange, when you think about it. Throughout most of human history our writing has been self-contained within books, tablets, or structures (in the case of hieroglyphs). Early hyper textual precursors such as some of the more complex reference systems, Wilkins' philosophical language, book … Continue reading Thoughts on Hypertext

Save Yourself: Undertale, the Save Mechanic, and Choice

[If you haven't played Undertale yet - which you should - then I highly suggest you ignore this post until you have. It is a game to be experienced for yourself. Don't watch a letsplay, don't read the wiki, just play the game] I just beat my first play through of Undertale yesterday (technically this morning, but who … Continue reading Save Yourself: Undertale, the Save Mechanic, and Choice