The Consumerism of Character

There's a unique phenomenon concerning the obsession with "Original Characters" on the Internet, where it seems to me like we've robbed characters of the elements that make them characters in the first place. Characters without character, so to speak. In narratology characters are often defined as actors or agents, vessels the move and develop the … Continue reading The Consumerism of Character


Short Thoughts On Work and Freedom

When people talk about freedom, there seems to be an assumption that one speaks of a Freedom to Work. Man is entitled to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - it is known that original this was the pursuit of Property, but was changed to something vaguer. When contemporary libertarians and neoliberals speak of … Continue reading Short Thoughts On Work and Freedom

Manifestophilis: Ritual, Medium, Turnings

Patrick Higgins: Moving to the topic of ritual and summoning, I’m curious what you have to say about such a topic from the perspective of the one summoned, rather than from the view of the summoner. Mephistopheles: Naturally, mine is an underrepresented voice. This is really an overlooked topic in general. Consider that “Summon” comes from the … Continue reading Manifestophilis: Ritual, Medium, Turnings